KenCall About Us

KenCall is Kenya’s first and most successful contact centre

KenCall is Kenya’s largest contact center operating globally and providing call center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to organizations worldwide.

KenCall offers unrivalled experience in customer care, telesales, technical support, customer acquisition, web chat services and BPO. Its business is built upon world-class technology infrastructure and operations.

Providing clients with world class operations, KenCall focuses on developing high skilled employees with an in-depth understanding of client business, products and services.

Its quality assurance processes and intensive training ensures its services meet and exceed client expectations. Its detailed documentation illustrating every procedure within KenCall ensures we can provide consistent and reliable procedures and deliver exceptional customer interactions every time.


We pioneered contact centre services in Kenya and haven’t looked back since Nicholas Nesbitt, a paragon of business in Kenya, co-founded KenCall in 2005.

As the first global contact centre in Kenya the company grew quickly benefiting from Kenya’s large educated labour pool, their strong work ethic, the company’s will to succeed and the deep investment in ensuring the right procedures, technology and strategy was in place from the outset.

The competitive landscape has since intensified within the call centre space, but KenCall has consistently stood out ahead of the rest delivering the highest level of outsourcing support to companies including Orange, Spinvox and the Wall Street Journal.

The company has gone from strength to strength since 2005 building experience in customer care, telesales, technical support, customer acquisition, web chat services and BPO.

The company has developed and implemented world-class technology infrastructure and efficient operations winning numerous including the CCF Awards in 2008 for the Best Non European Call Center. KenCall has overcome all political and business challenges in its path to become what it is today – the largest and most successful global contact center in Kenya.

Working with us, We are an extension of your organisation

Quality Assurance

KenCall’s Quality Assurance Programme (QAP) is tailored to each client’s requirements at the start of the client engagement. The QA team records the calls or transactions between the KenCall agents and the customers and provides almost instant feedback to the agents. The QA Analysts and the Team Leaders together look after the quality of staff teams of 12 to 15 customer service agents.

Leadership team

A company led by global business people with the highest levels of experience.


We have over 600 full time employees and over 80% of them are graduate.Over 70% female staff.

We have a highly committed workforce. Within KenCall’s staff can be found graduates in sciences, humanities and sports, and many more high-level subjects, giving clients access to unrivalled skill sets and technical knowledge.

Attrition at KenCall is about 1-2% per month and the staff remain extremely committed and loyal to the company, reducing undue turn over and training costs.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School’s International Entrepreneurship MBA programme developed a 2nd year MBA educational case study profiling KenCall’s rise to success against all odds.

The case study is now used in this advanced entrepreneurial programme to teach and inspire new generations of entrepreneurs.