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bullets1Level 1 Tech support

KenCall also recognizes the importance of intimately understanding client businesses

The nature of technical enquiries requires a special type of representative with a high level of subject knowledge and deep understanding of client businesses. Representatives are often required to deal with irate and non-technically proficient customers and come up with a satisfactory resolution every time. KenCall’s graduate-level staff provides bright, calm and polite voice on the line to aid and appease even the toughest customer. The high-level of education across KenCall and its Microsoft/Cisco certification means staff can deal easily with technical enquiries and seamlessly pass on those queries that require a higher-level of assistance.

Communicating your value proposition to potential customers in a clear and convincing manner and following a deliberate sales process is vital to supporting your brand and growing your business. Getting the potential customer on the line is typically the first hurdle, but is only one step of many more to come.

KenCall’s highly motivated and well-trained sales teams are able to deal effectively and quickly with all nature of sales enquiries. They have vast experience in up-selling and cross-selling and have won awards globally for their ability to improve our clients sales productivity globally while ensuring the sales are of high quality. In addition, KenCall has extensive skills in maintaining client’s customers and reducing customers

bullets1Customer Information

Managing a complete customer relationship can no longer be done using just phone and email communication. Customers are talking about and looking for information about companies in more locations, using more methods, than ever.

Through social networking, forums, instant messaging, blogs, videos and more, customers are contributing to and learning about your company through your evolving online presence. Companies that want to provide a complete customer experience need to engage on all plains. KenCall is at the forefront of complete customer relationship management. Its technology and highest level of written English, allows it to engage with and provide information on customer problems and questions wherever and whenever they occur.